To know more about a person just listens to his action. In this modern world, we have many machines for everything to do daily work and office work but still technology have not found any machines to read a person’s mind. Human mind is a spider web we never know where it starts and where it ends, it is very tough to guess what other person thinks and what his thought is about. Their many career options available in the world especially for reading a person’s mind in that one important subject is psychology. It deals with human’s brain and mind if a person who has good knowledge in it can easily able to track others thoughts and action.

You may have noticed many officials working in the recruitment department who can say what you think through your action. They can identify a people’s easily in the way they walk and in the way they talk.  With these special qualities, they can easily find the right person for their organisation. Many doctors who are in the consulting field have a thorough knowledge of psychology and they can able to answer your state of mind. These doctors are specialized in reading human brain and they can tell you what you want and why we behave like this. Even common people have an interest in reading other’s mind just to know whether they like them or what and that can understand by listening to the sound they make. Their walking style, their pronunciation and their dressing sense will just show us who are they and what they like and their opinion about us.   The answers for how to read body language is given bellow read it and apply in your daily life to win the hearts of your loved ones.


What is body language and how to read body language?

Body language is the action that just reflects our thoughts and feelings in our mind, to read other people mind one should have a cool head. To relax your mind you have to do meditation or yoga so that your mind becomes cool and comfortable to concentrate on others. If we make our mind free from other thoughts then our mind can accept any kind inputs into it. There are steps in how to read body language the first step is listening – when we listen to others we may able to know others thoughts and interests so with this we able calculate one’s mind. The next is eye contact- check whether they have proper eye contact with you while they speak if they fix their eyes on you when they speak it shows they are straight forward and if their eyes wavering then it shows they have wavering mind. Watch their leg movement- to know more about a person one should closely listen to the movement of their leg. If their leg moves rapidly then it shows that they are not comfortable with us. And the last step is to listen to their gesture and they way they converse with us and others this will reflect their attitude. Thus, we can rule the world by reading one’s mind.